Aflak Market team already has years of experience in international transportation and shipping.
In fact, Aflak Market is a subsidiary of Al Falak Cargo, a leading international shipping company. The company provides express shipping, air transportation and packaging services. Al Falak Cargo has two registered office in Iran and the UAE and is responsible and committed to providing the highest quality services to it`s valued customers.

Due to having years of experience in international transportation and dealing with challenges of shipping and Custom release, The Aflak team is ready to offer its latest service. These services are the purchase of goods from reputable global online shops and sending them to Iranian customers.
All transfers are made with the insurance of the goods from the origin to the destination. In addition, the customs clearance is entirely the responsibility of the Aflak team. The company ensures safe arrival of orders and delivery speed.
Years of experience in shipping and customer satisfaction guarantee the quality and speed of our work.

In addition to sending commercial machinery and shipments, Aflak team also handles personal items. Small packages with dimensions of less than one cubic meter will be delivered in less than 72 hours in Iran.
Aflak Market has all the facilities for shipping and air transportation. Because of these advantages, it has become a reliable and privileged option for international orders.

Customers can trust Aflak Market because of its years of experience in transportation and dealing with challenges of shipping.
Another service of Aflak team is moving home furniture with special packaging. All home furnishings are professionally packaged and relocated without damage.

The company’s goal is to satisfy customers by providing quality and fast services at a fair price.