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To register and order, the user must provide information such as first and last name, contact number and address to Aflak Market. Therefore, the inclusion of personal information, emails and contact numbers is a confirmation of their authenticity by the customer. If the mentioned items are not entered correctly or completely, Aflak Market can request additional information from the customer to ensure the accuracy and registration of the order.

Aflak Market is committed to protect user information. Aflak Market will not provide users’ personal information to natural or legal third parties, except as required by law to provide them to the competent legal authorities. In addition, all information will be collected and stored on the safe and secure servers of Aflak Market Group.

Users are responsible for maintaining their email addresses. Therefore, to prevent any possible misuse, users should refrain from sharing information with other people.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by a browser on a computer’s hard disk. The cookies we use allow us to identify users and their information next time; You do not need to enter the same information more than once. We do not place any identifiable confidential information in user cookies.

The specifications of the orders will be registered and checked according to the customer’s statements. . In cases where there is an error in providing information at the time of order registration by the user, the Aflak Market team will do its best to solve the problem, but Aflak Market will not be responsible for this issue.

Finally, Aflak Market makes every effort to protect the information and privacy of its users. We hope to provide a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for all users.